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Homeschooling Organiations

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Your local homeschool organization: 




Your state homeschool organization: 



Your national homeschool organization: 

So what's the difference in all the homeschooling groups?

I use the umbrella infographic to show the differences in the various homeschooling groups. 

HSLDA (Homes School Legal Defense Association) fights for homeschooling rights all over the world, but specifically and most often in the United States. They have tons of great resources for ANY homeschool parent: traditional two parent family with kids on grade level? Check! Single mom who needs resources? Check! Parents of kids with learning disabilities? Check! "Because of these beliefs, we’ve made it our goal to tirelessly advocate for the right to homeschool—in courts, legislatures, and anywhere else we can make ourselves heard. Ultimately, we’re here to empower and encourage homeschooling parents as they seek to teach their children in a way that celebrates their uniqueness and nurtures their love of learning. In short, our mission is to make homeschooling possible."(HSLDA)


IAHE (Indiana Association of Home Educators) IAHE protects homeschooling rights right here in the state of Indiana. They also offer a variety of resources available to help you start homeschooling and keep homeschooling. We have a regional representative the helps keep us abreast of legislation that is going to affect homeschoolers, as well as other things happening in the state that we need to be aware of.  

DASH (DeKalb, Indiana Area Schools at Home) We are your local resource for activities, events, information, and making other homeschooling friends in your local area. DASH serves homeschoolers in DeKalb, Steuben, Noble, and Allen counties. 

And finally, there are activity groups, co-ops, and classes. Those are groups that generally get together for classes and specific events. There are several of them in the area and there are all different formats; ones where parents help teach; ones where someone else teaches; ones where you pay; ones where you don't. And those really enrich your homeschool life.

You can join ANY of the above groups, or all of those groups, or none of those groups. Each have a specific purpose to help you in your homeschooling journey!


IAHE Youtube Channel

Did you know? 

The HSLDA and the IAHE both host several events a year.  Find them here: 



District 3 IAHE Representative

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